The use of colors in the rooms of ınfants,
children and teenagers

Babies change very rapidly in the first 6 months. Not even able to keep their heads straight when first born, babies start sitting up by themselves when they are six months old. Therefore, plain and relaxing tones should be considered for their rooms that should be designed in such a manner as to stimulate their brains and contribute to their learning. Babies cannot distinguish between different colors but they can distinguish between contrasts and different shapes. Soft, warm wall colors support baby learning when combined with bright colored toys, pillows, and different accessories.

Green tones in nurseries contribute to your baby's learning and bring silence, peace and serenity. The baby feels safe and protected subconsciously. Combinations of white and coffee tones are appropriate. If you combine green and white and lighter shades of purple, you can create a quiet, peaceful nursery.

Pink is a sensitive color with a sedative effect. Soft pink tones should be used in nurseries. If you use white, gray, or blue accessories in a room that is colored with pink tones, you will have a calm, peaceful nursery. Though mostly perceived as a girly color, pink can also be used in the rooms of baby boys.

When the right tones are selected, blue has a soothing and relaxing effect on babies. You can freely use pink, gray and white furniture and accessories in a blue painted room. Blue tones make it easy for the baby to go to sleep. You can create a quiet and peaceful environment using white tones. Bright blue helps babies with their learning as it increases productivity. Blue is sometimes seen in rooms for baby girls, even though it’s predominantly perceived as a color only fit for baby boys.

Combining white, beige and brown also works pretty well in baby rooms. With beige tones on the walls, you can create a warm and peaceful environment using brown, the color of the earth and soil. Choosing shades of chocolate brown will help you create a positive vibe in your baby’s room. Choosing hues and shades from this color group will help you with your arrangements for your baby’s room as they are better at creating the vibe needed in all nurseries.