Hygienic and spacious work environments will exponentially improve productivity. Daylight and fresh air are essentially important where the physical and psychological health of employees is concerned. It has been observed that people working in fully enclosed, multi-storey office buildings experience a higher rate of health problems due to their physical work environment.

What is important in office design is choosing furniture and colors commensurate with the nature of the job being carried out, as well as the ergonomy of the employees, instead of spending a lot of money in an attempt to implement the latest trends. In this day and age, office design is considered essential in achieving business efficiency and employee satisfaction, and it is a known fact that the work environment directly affects the work performed. The once popular understanding of “creating opulent and stylish offices for executives and letting the rest go” is no longer applicable as this approach leads to lack of motivation, development and institutionalization.

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Essential criteria to be taken into consideration in designing offices would be to keep it natural and ensure that daylight is used. It would be completely wrong to design the interior of an advertising agency and law office in the same way, and in doing so, factors that would separate these two work environments from each other must be considered. Blue, black and white are the colors that would emphasize the differences in office design while purple improves the motivation of the employees. On the other hand, orange and green have a positive effect on the harmony between employees.

Additionally, the purpose for which an office space is used is also important; for example, painting the room in which job interviews are held in the human resources department in green would improve the sense of security and lead to more open conversations. Using shades of red and orange in meeting rooms could lead to sudden peaks in tension, while hues of light blue ensure that the meetings are conducted more harmoniously and calmly.