Although choice of color might seem like a mundane decision to us in the general rush of our daily lives, scientific studies point out that the effect colors have on us could extend well beyond what we first imagined.

It is necessary to make varied color choices oriented towards the age and requirements of the inhabitants in our homes and in our education, entertainment and healthcare facilities alike.

We at Filli Boya collaborated with Specialist Psychologist Ayben Ertem in developing and tried to find answers to many questions regarding colors, such as how colors effect us, the effect of colors on our children, attention/learning at schools, and what can be done regarding the subject., as one of the most comprehensive sources on colors in our country, explaining colors and their effects on our lives from each and every aspect, has been published in collaboration with the Ministry of National Education.

Browsing through this site will provide you with very valuable information on your choice of colors and broaden your horizon in regards to many issues that you have not been aware of the significance of until now. Henceforth, your perspective on and choice of colors will be irrevocably altered!